Metals 1

Class:  Metals 1

Length:  1 semester M-F  44 MIN   63 HOURS .  ½ CREDIT

Instructor:  Mr. Larson

                CODE:   019901   AGRICULTURE COMBINED PROGRAM

                                SUB CODE:   54 AG. WELDING TECH. 1     METALS


This class will focus on the many types of welding and hot metal working, there will be graded welding techniques, bending, forming, punching and machine tool and die work on different types of metals.   There will also be time spent focusing on possible career choices within the welding and metal working field.   The time in this class will be split between the classroom and shop.   Approximately 25% classroom instruction and 75% shop.




Students in this class will be graded on a mixture of  classroom assignments and hands on practical shop work.  The classroom work will be on a regular point basis and will make up 25% of  the grade.  The shop work will be graded from the student’s weekly work, graded welds and completion of a individual or small group metal project.


                Daily shop work will be graded as follows..  ( 4 pts per day total)

                                2 pts for work progress (  2 pts = good, 1 pt = fair, 0 pts = poor or

                                                                                unexcused absence)

                                1 pt for shop safety  ( following shop safety rules, safety glasses etc.)

                                1 pt for shop clean-up ( tools put away, work area cleaned etc.)


All late work will be docked 10% per day, up to 50% of total points possible.


                Grade cut-off

                                A   90%

                                B   80%

                                C   70%

                                D   60%

                                F   Below 60%


                Students must have at least 60% to be eligible for extra credit work.




                This is primarily a shop class.  It is very important that all school rules and shop safety rules are followed for the benefit of everyone.


  1. 1.       All student handbook rules apply.
  2. 2.       Safety glasses must be worn in the shop at all times.
  3. 3.       Students will supply and take care of their own safety glasses.
  4. 4.       Students must pass a shop safety exam with 100% before they are allowed in the shop.
  5. 5.       All regular class assignments must be finished before personal projects can be worked on.









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