Small Animal Care

Small Animal Care

Length:  1 semester, M – F 44 min.,  63 hours, 48 min.,  ½ credit

Instructor:  Mr. Larson



                        SUB CODE:  21  SMALL ANIMAL SCIENCE

This class will work with the common methods of growing and caring for companion animals (pets).  We will deal with growth and production, reproduction, nutrition, grooming, health care, and career opportunities.  Small animal care is the largest and fastest growing area of the Veterinarian field.  This would be a great introductory course for individuals looking into the Vet. Tech. career path. 


The grade will be based on completion of  worksheets, research, quiz and test materials


All late work will be docked 10% per day, up to 50% of total points     possible.


            Grade cut-off

                        A   90%

                        B   80%

                        C   70%

                        D   60%

                        F   Below 60%


            Students must have at least 60% to be eligible for extra credit work.


Tentative Weekly Schedule


Week 1:   Introduction to companion animal care

Week 2:  Career opportunities in companion animal field

Week 3:   Care and safety of companion animals

Week 4-5:  Health and Nutrition of companion animals

Week 6-8:  Digestive systems and Ration Balancing for companion animals

Week 9-10:  Animal internal and external anatomy

Week 11-16   Specific species information, ID and research

            Week 11:  Dogs

            Week 12:  Cats

            Week 13:  Birds

            Week 14:  Rabbits

            Week 15:  Fish and reptiles

            Week 16:  I.D. and Power point slide presentations


Week 17-18  Prep for Small Animal Contest and have chapter contest run-off

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