Vocational Agriculture 8

Agriculture 8 Exploratory

 Google Classroom class code:  ar5zdmg

Instructor:  Mr. Larson

Class length:  12 weeks



Course description:


This class is designed to explore the processing of the agricultural food and fiber grown in the United States from the beginning of agricultural in colonial times to the present day processing of one of the countries largest exports.  We will focus on the growth of the industry and the impact on money and jobs in the area, state and nation.




The grading in this class will be based on straight points that a student will receive from daily work, list building, short quizzes and lab work.


Grade cut offs


            A  =  90%

            B  =  80%

            C  =  70%

            D  =  60%

            F  =  Below 60%




  1. Students should arrive on time ready to learn.
  2. All student handbook rules apply.
  3. No food or drink in the classroom unless it is part of a lab.
  4. When we are in the shop all shop safety rules will apply.
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