Work Experience / Careers

Work Experience / Careers

Google Classroom class code:  mmtwt8p

Length: 12 week unit  1 Trimester, M – F  44 Min.,  44 hours,  1/3 credit



                        SUB CODE:  87  OCCUPATIONAL SEMINAR CLASS, AG.


            Reading    3

            Writing     2

            Homework   2


This class will focus on the research and choices that the students will be facing while getting ready for post secondary schooling and the world of work.  The first area that will be covered will be school and career research with the use of the MNCIS website.  This will give the students a chance to do interest surveys, research what is needed for those careers and which schools have the education programs that cover the education requirement.  Students will also spent time on post-high school applications and requirement, scholarship applications, career planning and career changing.


Along with the career work, the students will also spend time on items that will be faced once they enter the world of work.  Items that will be discussed will include…


   Employer relations               Employee relations      Customer service

   Hazardous occupations        Labor Laws                 Leadership on the job

   Work Forms                         Benefits                       Job applications and interviews

   W-2’s                                   W-4’s                          Tax forms





The grade will be based on completion of the packages,  participation in discussions and worksheets.


All late work will be docked 10% per day, up to 50% of total points           possible.


            Grade cut-off

                        A   90%

                        B   80%

                        C   70%

                        D   60%

                        F   Below 60%


            Students must have at least 60% to be eligible for extra credit work.


This is the primary class needed to take the Work Release class and Work Records as a Jr. or Senior.        

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